Internet Use Policy

Honeoye Public Library


The Honeoye Public Library is dedicated to providing you with computer & Internet service. We want your experience with us to be a positive one and as such have set up the following guidelines. Parents of individuals under the age of 17 must give their written permission for their children to use the Internet.   The Honeoye Public Library is only responsible for the content of those pages bearing its name.


Computer Use & Internet Use Policy


  • Computer time can be scheduled in person or by telephone (229-5020).
  • Reservations are for one hour at a time.
  • Please be prompt, we will hold your reservation for 10 minutes before reassigning it to another patron.
  • Computers close 15 minutes before the library closes.
  • Only two people are allowed at a computer at the same time.
  • Please notify Library Staff if you think that you have a problem.
  • Pages can be printed at a cost of $.20 each.

Be patient, it takes a few minutes for the printer to print.

  • Computers can not be used for any illegal, obscene or inappropriate activity.

Obscenity shall be as defined in the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

Viewing of pornography is prohibited.

  • Parents/Guardians are financially responsible for any damage done to library computers by their children. Adult computer users are liable for any damage they may cause to a computer.
  • Children under 8 years of age must have an adult with them while using a computer.
  • The staff at Honeoye Public Library respects your right to both confidentiality and privacy and will not release information about your use of electronic resources except as required by law. You are reminded, however, that our computers are located in a public area that is shared with staff and users of all ages and backgrounds.  We expect that you will respect the rights of others when accessing potentially offensive information or images.
  • The Internet is an unregulated medium and some of the information you will encounter may be erroneous, out of date or offensive. You must evaluate this information carefully.
  • This library affirms the right and responsibility of parents and legal guardians to actively guide their children’s use of all library resources. Parents/Guardians should take an active role in monitoring their children’s use of the Internet.
  • Library staff is trained to provide limited support and will assist customers as time allows.


To sum it up…

      Use our computers…don’t hurt them…don’t bother the people around you…be considerate…don’t do anything illegal…abide by the time restrictions…bring in your card…and we will protect your privacy!


Internet Safety Policy


  • Filtering is provided for all Internet-enabled computers that are eligible for federal reimbursements under E-rate, whether used by students, patrons or staff.
  • Filtering will be disabled only for bona fide research or other lawful purposes.
  • To the extent practical, safe & secure use by minors of direct electronic communications will be encouraged.
  • Unauthorized online access, including “hacking” and other unlawful activities is prohibited.
  • Unauthorized disclosure, use & dissemination of personal identification regarding minors is prohibited.



Pioneer Library System contracts with Time Warner to provide content filtering to ensure its libraries are in compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). This is done in order to remain eligible for certain federal funding. Honeoye Public Library cannot and does not guarantee that the filtering software will block all obscenity, child pornography, or other materials that are harmful to minors. Nor can the Library guarantee that filtering software will not restrict access to sites that may have legitimate research or other value. Parents are therefore ultimately responsible for monitoring the Internet activity of their children even though filtering software is used.

All Internet access will be limited to legal use in compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and the Neighborhood Act (PL 106-554).

CIPA Compliant Internet Safety Policy

1. Users may not access inappropriate matter, such as matter that is obscene, pornographic, threatening or otherwise in violation of community standards.

2. Users must be cautious when using e-mail, chat rooms, instant messaging, discussion groups, newsgroups, game rooms, and all other forms of communications. Internet users should be aware that viewing certain materials in the public library might be considered improper in time, place, and manner. Users must respect the rights of other library patrons not to be inadvertently exposed to materials and images that may be considered offensive. The library staff reserves the right to end an Internet session at any time if it is creating a disturbance, and will monitor Internet use by minors to the extent practical.

3. Users may not engage in unlawful online activities or misrepresentation. Users may not attempt unauthorized access including hacking to any computer system.

4. Users may not make unauthorized disclosure of, or dissemination of a minor’s personal information by means of Internet, e-mail, or any other electronic technology. A minor is anyone under 17 years old. Those under 17 must have parental permission to disclose personal information.

Reviewed & Accepted 5/9/2007

Reviewed & Revised 3/10/2011

Reviewed & Revised 4/13/2016

Wireless Access Policy


The Honeoye Public Library offers free wireless Internet access for use with laptop computers and other wireless devices.


To use this service, you need to enter your OWWL library card number.  If you do not have a library card, please see the staff at the main desk.


The Library assumes no responsibility for any alterations or interference with a laptop’s configuration, operation, or data files resulting from connection to the wireless network.  Due to insurance limitations and warranties, library staff members cannot configure laptops or install wireless cards.


Virus and security protection are the user’s responsibility.


The Library assumes no responsibility for damage, theft or loss of any kind to a user’s equipment, software, data files or other personal property brought into or used at the Library.


The Library cannot guarantee that the service will be available at any specific time.


The connection shall not be used for illegal or time-consuming commercial purposes.


Customers shall hold the Honeoye Public Library, its officers, employees and agents harmless against all acclaim, actions and judgements based upon or arising out of the customer’s use of Library wireless connections.



Youth Policy


Information on the safe and secure use of direct electronic communications (including email, social media and instant messaging) by minors is available at the Library.


Youth 17 and younger must have a parent or legal guardian sign the computer use agreement.


Parents or legal guardians of youth between 6 years and 17 years must indicate in writing if they do not wish for their youth to have access to Library computers.



Reviewed & accepted 5/11/2016