Long Range Plan

Honeoye Public Library

PO Box 70

8832 Main Street

Honeoye, NY 14471


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Long Range Plan

2021 – 2023

This plan has been developed by a Committee of the Library Director and three Trustees, with additional input from library patrons. Its goals and objectives are developed as a way forward for serving the Honeoye area community; they are always subject to review as conditions and needs change.

Mission and Vision for the Honeoye Public Library

   The Honeoye Public Library will continue to be an inclusive and welcoming educational and cultural resource for our diverse community. It is also a gathering place for people of diverse background, interests, and ages. Our collection of materials are enhanced by the combined resources of the other libraries in the OWWL network, so that patrons can have the widest possible selection of physical and online resources.

Satisfy Curiosity

Lifelong Learning

Goal: Learners of all ages will have access to resources that stimulate thinking, satisfy curiosities and encourage exploration

Objective 1: Continue to display personal collections that reflect our local/regional heritage and history.

Objective 2: Collect ideas for future programming for adults and young people of all ages.


  • Increase outreach in the community to other organizations, groups, and businesses, by the Director and the Trustees.
  • In conjunction with PLS Technology Staff, offer computer classes of various types and levels.

Stimulate Imagination


Goal: Patrons will have access to a collection of current and popular materials in the formats requested.

Objective 1:  More patrons will be aware of our services and will use our system.


  • List new materials onsite and on HPL and other websites and all available social media.
  •  Inform patrons of our collections and how to access them including those available through OWWL.
  • Increase our Young Adult and Juvenile book collections.
  • Develop information that can be handed to new residents and summer residents by realtors.

Connect to the Online World


Goal:  Patrons will have high-speed access to the digital world so they may take advantage of the ever-growing resources and services available online.

Objective 1:  Publicize OWWL capabilities and features as they develop, and investigate advances in technology for our patrons’ use.


  • Work with OWWL staff to maximize resources.
  • Pursue grant funding for new technology.

Goal:  The library community will see the library as a comfortable and informed, safe source of high-speed access for all their needs.

Objective 1: Maintain the purchase of fast internet speed.


  • Survey the users for input

Visit a Comfortable Place


Goal:  Library patrons will have a safe and welcoming physical place to meet and interact with others, sit quietly and read or use computer resources. 

Objective 1: Create comfortable and inviting seating areas.


  • Develop a quiet area as a specific and private reading space.