February 2023


Andrews, V.C. – Little Paula

Barber, Kathleen – Follow Me

Box, C. J. – Shadows Reel

Cai, Delia – Central Places

Christie, Annette – For Twice in My Life

Correa, Armando Lucas – The Night Travelers – LP

Cosimano, Elle – Finlay Donovan Jumps the Gun

Goldberg, Lee – Bone Canyon – LP

Greenwood, T. – Such a Pretty Girl – LP

Harper, Jane – Exiles

Haynes, Natalie – Stone Blind

Hunter, Stephen – The Bullet Garden

Jackson, Lisa – Wicked Dreams – LP

Jeffries, Sabrina – The Bachelor – LP

Johansen, Roy – More Than Meets the Eye

Kellerman, Jonathan – Unnatural History

Koca, Nazli – The Applicant

Louis, Lia – The Key to My Heart –  LP

Margolin, Phillip – Murder at Black Oaks – LP

Newitz, Annalee – The Terraformers

Nkrumah, Nyani- Wade in the Water

Nwabineli, Onyi – Someday, Maybe – LP

Robb, J.D. – Encore in Death

Rollins, James – The Cradle of Ice

Sands, Lynsay – In Her Highlander’s Bed

Shearer, Elanor – River Sing Me Home

Shree, Geetan Jali- Tomb of Sand

Tudor, C.J. – The Drift


616.85           Schwartz, Jeffrey M. MD – Brain Lock

152.4             Shetty, Jay – 8 Rules of Love

610.69           Wilson, F. Perry, MD – How Medicine Works

970.00           Dodds Pennock – On Savage Shores



January 2023       



Andrews, V.C. – Eden’s Children

Beaton, M.C. – Devil’s Delight

Benedict, Marie – The Mitford Affair

Berne, Suzanne – The Blue Window

Boyne, John – All the Broken Pieces

Brown, Carolyn – The Sandcastle Hurricane (Large Print)

Brown, Janelle – Pretty Things

Cameron, W. Bruce – Love, Clancy

Coble, Colleen – Dark of Night

Dailey, Janet – Blue Moon Haven

Elsbai, Hadeer – The Daughters of Izdihar

Fellows, Jessica – The Mitford Secret

Fletcher, Jessica – Murder, She Wrote: Death on the Emerald Isle

Golden, Christopher – All Hallows

Gray, Shelly Shepard – Happily Ever Amish (Large Print)

Griffin, Laura – Vanishing Hour (Large Print)

Harris, Charlaine – The Serpent in Heaven (Large Print)

Hazelwood, Ali – Loathe to Love You

Hendrix, Grady – How to Sell A Haunted House

Jenkins, Beverly – Rebel Women Who Dare (Large Print)

Kapoor, Deepti – Age of Vice

Kiester, Alex – The Truth About Ben and June (Large Print)

Koontz, Dean – The House At The End of the World

Krentz, Jayne Ann – Sleep No More

Lipman, Elinor – Ms. Demeanor

Patterson, James – The House of Wolves

Preston & Child  – The Cabinet of Dr. Leng

Riedel, Josh – Please Report Your Bug Here

Rose, Karen – Quarter to Midnight (Large Print)

Saab, Gabriella – Daughters of Victory

Shalvis, Jill – The Backup Plan

Shipman, Viola – The Edge of Summer (Large Print)

Stapley, Marissa – Lucky

Steel, Danielle – Without a Trace

Sutanto, Jesse Q. – Dial A For Aunties

Thomas, Kai – In The Upper Country

Yamashita, Iris – City Under One Roof


155.2                        Chopra, Deepak – Living in the Light

155.2            Morgan Schafler, Katherine – The Perfectionist’s Guide to Losing


155.9             Orenstein, Peggy – Unraveling                

158.1             Humble the Poet – How To Be Loved

306.36           Woo, Ilyon – Master Slave Husband Wife

338.2             Bolstad, Erica – Windfall

346.19          Cep, Casey – Furious Hours: Murder, Fraud, and the Last Trail of Harper Lee

539.7             Sheehy, Suzie – The Matter of Everything

613.25          The Noom Mindset

613                William, Anthony – Cleanse To Heal

741.56          Davis, Jim – Garfield’s Sunday Finest

746.43           Hennessy, Lisa – Knit, Pray, Share

973                 Myth America

976.6                         Grann, David – Killers of the Flower Moon


Harry, Prince – Spare

Hitchcock, William I. – The Age of Eisenhower


Krentz, Jayne Ann – Sleep No More

Steel, Danielle – Without a Trace

December 2022


Bunn, T. Davis – The Christmas Hummingbird (large print)

Castillo, Linda – Fallen (large print)

Connolly, John – The Furies (large print)

Cordova, Zoraida – Convergence

Elliot, Lauren – Steeped in Secrets

Gray, Shelley Shepard – An Amish Christmas Star (large print)

Leary, Ann – The Foundling (large print)

Penny, Louise – A World of Curiosities

Roberts, Nora – The Choice

Steel, Danielle – The Whittiers

Thompson, Victoria – City of Fortune

Tran, E.M. – Daughters of the New Year (large print)

Quick, Matthew – We Are The Light (large print)

Wesley, Jamie – Fake It Till You Bake It (large print)


641.82          America’s Test Kitchen – Bowls

746.43          Allen, Pam – Scarf Style

746.43          Boyd, Heidi – Soft + Simple Knits For Little Ones

746.43          Durant, Judith – 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders


Harris, Charlaine – The Serpent in Heaven

Smiley, Jane – A Dangerous Business

November 2022


Abbott, Cordy – Dead Men Don’t Decorate

Allen, Sarah – Other Birds (large print)

Bowen, Rhys – Peril in Paris

Connelly, Michael – Desert Star

Crais, Robert – Racing the Light

Evanovich, Janet – Going Rogue

Fellowes, Jessica – The Best Friend (large print)

Graham, Heather – Blood Moon

Gregory, Philippa – Dawnlands

Guillory, Jasmine – Drunk on Love (large print)

Hannah, Sophie – The Couple at the Table       

Harris, Charlaine – The Serpent in Heaven

Hoover, Colleen – It Starts With Us

Hoover, Colleen – Reminders of Him

Howrey, Meg – They’re Going to Love You

London, Julia – The Duke Not Taken (large print)

Mills, Kyle – Oath of Loyalty (large print)

Nwabinelia, Onyi – Someday, Maybe

Patterson, James – The Perfect Assassin

Patterson, James – Triple Cross

Perry, Anne – A Christmas Deliverance

Picoult, Jodie – Nineteen Minutes

Sanderson, Brandon – The Lost Metal

St. James, Dorothy – A Book Club to Die For

Strout, Elizabeth – Lucy By the Sea (large print)

Tolkein, J.R.R. – The Fall of Numenor

West, Catherine – The Two Lives of Sara (large print)

Wiseman, Ellen – The Lost Girls of Willowbrook (large print)


252.02          Francis, Pope – Reflections on the Sunday Gospel

305.26          Heicht, M.E. – Two Old Broads

338.47          Andersen, Jens – The LEGO Story

610                 Monti, Daniel – Tapestry of Health

616.97          Trescott, Mickey – The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook

648                 Kondo, Marie – Marie Kondo’s Kurashi at Home

791.45          Graham, Lauren – Have I Told You This Already?

813.01          Greer, Andrew – The Best American Short Stories 2022

813.54          Livingston, Michael – Origins of the Wheel of Time

941.08          Russell, Gareth – Do Let’s Have a Drink!

973.7             Diemer, Andrew – Vigilance


B BONO         Hewson, Paul – Surrender

B MARTIN     Martin, Steve – Number One is Walking

B PERRY         Perry, Matthew – Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing


Steel, Danielle – The Whittiers



Backman, Frederik – The Winners

Baker, Peter – Planes (large print)

Baldacci, David – Long Shadows

Blake, Olivie – The Atlas Paradox

Bowen, Rhys – Where the Sky Begins (large print)

Brooks, Terry – Daughter of Darkness

Brown, Rita Mae – Thrill of the Hunt

Butcher, James – Dead Man’s Hand

Carr, Robyn – Holidays in Virgin River

Child, Lee – No Plan B

Confino, Sara – She’s Up to No Good           

Connolly, John – The Furies

Cornwell, Patricia

Deveraux, Jude – Thief of Fate

Dugoni, Robert – What She Found (large print)

Feehan, Christine – Dark Whisper

Gerritsen, Tess – Listen to Me (large print)

Graham, Heather – Voice of Fear

Gray, Shelley – Happily Ever Amish

Grisham, John – The Boys from Biloxi

Haines, Carolyn – Bones of Holly

Hazelwood, Ali – Love on the Brain (large print)

Hilderbrand, Elin – Endless Summer

Jackson, Lisa – The Girl Who Survived (large print)

Linden, Rachel – The Magic of Lemon Drop Pie (large print)

Macomber, Debbie – The Christmas Spirit

Mallery, Susan – Home Sweet Christmas

Miller, Sarah – Marmee

Novik, Naomi – The Golden Enclaves

O’Connor, Carlene – No Strangers Here

Picoult, Jodi – Mad Honey

Rosenfelt, David – Santa’s Little Yelpers

Steel, Danielle – The High Notes

Swift, Teresa – Mint

Woods, Stuart – Distant Thunder


152.14          Grandin, Temple – Visual Thinking

331.3             Bruder, Jessica – Nomadland

364.3             Dawson, Kate – All That is Wicked

616.04          Ravella, Shilpa – A Silent Fire

641.55          Clark, Melissa – Dinner in One

641.56          Garcya, Cassy – Cook Once Eat All Week

641.56          Hunn, Nicole – Gluten-free on a Shoestring

641.86          Taylor-Tobin, Alanna – Alternative Baker

649.1             Sophy, Charles – Family Values

782.42          Nelson, Willie – Me and Paul

791.45          Radloff, Jessica – The Big Bang Theory

920                 McCalman, George – Illustrated Black History

947.7             Skalietska, Yeva – You Don’t Know What War Is

973.71          Meacham, Jon – And There Was Light

973.92          Hill, Clint – My Travels with Mrs. Kennedy

978.02          Hickman, Katie – Brave Hearted


B CARLILE     Carlile, Brandi – Broken Horses

B FELTON      Felton, Tom – Beyond the Wand

B HEUGHAN Heughan, Sam – Waypoints

B MACCHIO Macchio, Ralph – Waxing On

B RICKMAN  Rickman, Alan – Madly, Deeply


Castle, Jayne – Sweetwater & the Witch

Feehan, Christine – Dark Whisper

Johnson, Craig – Hell and Back

Lencioni, Patrick – The 6 Types of Working Genius

McCall Smith, Alexander – A Song of Comfortable Chairs

Sanderson, Brandon – Edgedancer

Smith, Nicholas – Wild Fire

Steel, Danielle – The High Notes

Winspear, Jacqueline – Maisie Dobbs



Anthony, Gretchen – The Book Haters’ Book Club

Archer, Jeffrey – Next in Line

Box, C.J. – Treasure State

Cleeves, Anne – The Rising Tide

Colgan, Jenny – Christmas at the Cupcake Café

Cussler, Clive – Hellburner

Doiron, Paul – Hatchet Island (large print)

Feeney, Alice – Daisy Darker

Fellowes, Jessica – The Best Friend

Gallico, Paul – Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

Gilmore, Olesya – The Witch and the Tsar

Griffin, Laura – Midnight Dunes (large print)

Henderson, Alexis – House of Hunger

Hoover, Colleen – Regretting You

Hoover, Colleen – Layla (large print)

Hoover, Colleen – Layla

Hoover, Colleen – Heart Bones

Hoover, Colleen – November 9

Hoover, Colleen – Verity

Hoover, Colleen – Ugly Love

Higgins, Kristin – Out of the Clear Blue Sky (large print)

Irwin, Sophie – A Lady’s Guide to Fortune Hunting (large print)

Johansen, Iris – Captive

Johnson, Craig – Hell and Back

Johnstone, William – Settling His Hash

King, Laurie – Back to the Garden

King, Stephen – Fairy Tale

MacNeal, Susan – Mother Daughter Traitor Spy

McCall Smith, Alexander – A Song of Comfortable Chairs

McPhail, Diane – The Seamstress of New Orleans (large print)

Michaels, Fern – Falling Stars

Michaels, Fern – Tick Tock

Mills, Kyle – Oath of Loyalty

Moore, H.B. – In the Shadow of a Queen

North, Claire – Ithace

Parker, Robert – Robert B. Parker’s Fallout

Patterson, James – Blowback

Perry, Anne – A Truth to Lie For

Reid, Taylor – Carrie Soto is Back

Riley, Vanessa – Murder in Westminster

Robb, J.D. – Desperation in Death

Rowland, Alexandra – A Taste of Gold and Iron

Sanderson, Brandon – Mistborn: Secret History

Sparks, Nicholas – Dreamland

Sterling, Erin – The Kiss Curse

Stewart, Mariah – Goodbye Again (large print)

Thaye, RaeAnne – All is Bright

Thorne, Sally – Angelika Frankenstein Makes Her Match

Ward, J.R. – The Viper

Winstead, Ashley – Fool Me Once (large print)

Zusy, Jeannie – The Frederick Sisters are Living the Dream


031                 Guinness World Records 2022

282.09          McGreevy, John – Catholicism

306.48          O’Reilly, Bill – Killing the Legends

364.15          Stashower, Daniel – American Demon

500                 Munroe, Randall – What if? 2

641.56          Taste of Home Holiday & Celebrations 2022

818.60          Renkl, Margaret – Late Migrations

920                 Totenberg, Nina – Dinners with Ruth

940.53          Henderson, Bruce – Bridge to the Sun


B DAVIS        Davis, Viola – Finding Me

B Teresa        Towey, Jim – To Love and Be Loved


McEwan, Ian – Lessons

Riddle, A.G. – Lost in Time



Ackerman, Sara – The Codebreaker’s Secret

Andrews, Tina – Charlotte Sophia

Berenson, Laurien – Peg and Rose Solve a Murder

Bowen, Rhys – Where the Sky Begins

Brant, Marilyn – The Knight Before Christmas

Brant, Marilyn – The Road and Beyond

Brown, Carolyn – The Sunshine Club (large print)

Bunn, Davis – The Emerald Tide (large print)

Carr, Jack – In the Blood (large print)

Carson, Jeff – The Como Falcon

Cole, Lee – Groundskeeping (large print)

Colgan, Jenny – Rules at the School by the Sea

Coulter, Catherine – Reckoning

Dailey, Janet – Quicksand

Flowers, Ashley – All Good People Here

Gurnah, Abdulrazak – Afterlives

Hamid, Mohsin – The Last White Man

Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia – The Secrets of Ashmore Castle

Hinton, S.E. – The Outsiders

Jenner, Natalie – Bloomsbury Girls (large print)

Jewell, Lisa – The Family Remains

Kleinbaum, N.H. – Dead Poets Society

Kuang, R.F. – Babel

Langer, Adam – Cyclorama

Leigh, Melinda – Drown Her Sorrows (large print)

Mackie, Bella – How to Kill Your Family

Morris, Heather – Listening Well

Oates, Joyce – The Babysitter

Oates, Joyce – Extenuating Circumstances (large print)

Patterson, James – The Night Month

Pryor, Mark – Die Around Sundown

Revis, Beth – The Princess and the Scoundrel

Quinn, Spencer – Bark to the Future

Simon, Christine – The Patron Saint of Second Chances (large print)

Steel, Danielle – The Challenge

West, Joma – Face

Wingate, Marty – The Orphans of Mersea House

Woods, Stuart – Black Dog


241.4             Goff, Bob – Everybody Always

331.4             Auletta, Ken – Hollywood Ending

541.22          Gray, Theodore – Molecules

546                 Gray, Theodore – The Elements

646.2             Smith, Alison – Sew Step by Step

746.43          Bestor, Leslie – Cast On, Bind off

941.08          Patterson, James – Diana, William, and Harry



Ball, Matthew – The Meta-Verse

Carolla, Adam – Everything Reminds Me of Something

Krueger, William – Fox Creek

MacAskill, William – What We Owe the Future

Sanderson, Brandon – Dawnshard

Steel, Danielle – The Challenge

July 2022


Baldacci, David – The 6:20 Man

Bell, David – The Finalists

Blackwell, Juliet – The Paris Showroom (large print)

Cast, P.C. – Into the Mist

Castillo, Linda – The Hidden One

Chiaverini, Jennifer – Switchboard Soldiers

Dailey, Janet – Somebody Likes Santa

Doiron, Paul – Hatchet Island

Fairbrother, Alison – The Catch

Feehan, Christine – Red on the River

Feist, Raymond – Master of Furies

Francis, Felix – Iced

Galbraith, Robert – Troubled Blood

Gibson, Rachel – Drop Dead Gorgeous (large print)

Goldberg, Lee – Movieland

Graham, Heather – Aura of Night

Hamilton, Karen – The Ex-Husband (large print)

Hare, Louise – Miss Aldridge Regrets

Herbert, Brian – Sands of Dune

Heller, L. – The Neighborhood’s Secret (large print)

Hunter, Stephen – Targeted (large print)

Jackson, Lisa – The Girl Who Survived

Koontz, Dean – The Big Dark Sky

Lee, Marie – The Evening Hero (large print)

Macomber, Debbie – The Best is Yet to Come

McCall Smith, Alexander – The Sweet Remnants of Summer

McDonald, Ed – Daughter of Redwinter

McMyne, Mary – The Book of Gothel

Oates, Joyce – Extenuating Circumstances

Oboro, Tomi – Dele Weds Destiny

Patterson, James – Escape

Patterson, James – Shattered

Reichs, Kathy – Cold Cold Bones

Roanhorse, Rebecca – Fevered Star (large print)

Rosenfelt, David – Holy Chow

Silva, Daniel – Portrait of an Unknown Woman

Steel, Danielle – Suspects

Stott, Rebecca – Dark Earth

Sweet, John – The Sewing Girl’s Tale

Thor, Brad – Rising Tiger

Ware, Ruth – The It Girl

Weiner, Jennifer – The Summer Place (large print)

Wiggs, Susan – Sugar and Salt


364.16          Keefe, Patrick – Rogues

371.10          Done, Phillip – The Art of Teaching Children

745.59          Youngs, Clare – Christmas Crafting in No Time

746.44          Nicholas, Kristin – Colorful Stitchery

917.47          Ehling, William – Canoeing Central New York

945.09          Mazzeo, Tilar – Sisters in Resistance


B CONTRERAS         Rojas Contreras, Ingrid – The Man Who Could Move Clouds


Campbell, Jack – Resolute

Feehan, Christine – Red on the River

Hall, Eddie – The World’s Strongest Audiobook

Steel, Danielle – Suspects

June 2022


Adelmann, Maria – How to be Eaten

Armstrong, Kelley – A Rip Through Time

Bentley, Ben – Tom Clancy Zero Hour

Belfer, Lauren – Ashton Hall

Berry, Tamara – Buried in a Good Book

Bervoets, Hanna – We Had to Remove This Post

Brett, Simon – Blotto, Twinks, and the Suspicious Guests

Broday, Linda – A Man of Legend (large print)

Brown, T.L. – A Thin Witchline Between Love and Hate

Cameron, Marc – Cold Snap (large print)

Chesney, Marion – The Folly

Close, Jennifer – Marrying the Ketchups (large print)

Corbett, Rob – The Sweet Goodbye (large print)

Grisham, John – Sparring Partners

Haines, Carolyn – Lady of Bones

Harrow, Alix – A Mirror Mended

Hilderbrand, Elin – The Hotel Nantucket

Hughes, Lorena – The Spanish Daughter

Johansen, Iris – A Face to Die For

Johnstone, William – Old Cowboys Never Die

Mallery, Susan – The Boardwalk Bookshop

McKevett, G.A. – Murder Most Grave

Michaels, Fern – Secrets

Pavone, Chris – Two Nights in Lisbon

Rovin, Jeff – Tom Clancy’s Op-center

Ryan, Jennifer – The Wedding Dress Sewing Circle

Sager, Riley – The House Across the Lake

Thayer, Nancy – Summer Love (large print)

Thayne, RaeAnne – Summer at the Cape (large print)

Ward, J.R. – The Wolf (large print)


579.5             Seifert, Keith – The Hidden Kingdom of Fungi

635.09          Keys, Andrew – Growing the Northeast Garden

635.9             Ruth, Sally – Essential Perennials For Every Garden

641.5             Turner, Abby – The Living Table

746.43          Morgan-Oakes, Melissa – Toe-Up-2-At-A-Time Socks

746.43          Morgan-Oakes, Melissa – 2-At-A-Time Socks

746.43          Weston, Madeline – Country Weekend Knits

746.43          Johnson, Wendy – Socks From the Toe Up

746.43          Kelley, Courtney – Vintage Modern Knits

791.45          Fischer, Jenna – The Office Bffs

940.53          Elman, Jerry – Miracles Through Hell

974.7             Aronson, Marc – Four Streets and a Square



Higgins, Kristan – Out of the Clear Blue Sky

Mather, Matthew – Aeon Rising

Sanderson, Brandon – Stephen Leeds: Death and Faxes

May 2022


Andrews, Mary Kay – The Homewreckers

Black, Holly – Book of Night

Brown, Graham – Clive Cussler’s Dark Vector

Brown, Rita – Thrill of the Hunt

Burke, James – Every Cloak Rolled in Blood

Carr, Jack – In the Blood

Chavez, Heather – Blood Will Tell

Clayton, Meg – The Postmistress of Paris

Dailey, Janet – Hope Creek

Ernshaw, Shea – A History of Wild Places (large print)

Farrelly, Lorrie – Cowboy Kisses

Farrelly, Lorrie – A Cowboy Celebration

Fletcher, Jessica – Killer on the Court

Graham, Heather – Sound of Darkness

Griffin, Laura – Flight (large print)

Harvey, Kristy – The Wedding Veil (large print)

Henry, M.B. – All the Lights Above Us

Hlad, Alan – A Light Beyond the Trenches (large print)

Hoover, Colleen – Confess

Jenner, Natalie – Bloomsbury Girls

Jenoff, Pam – The Winter Guest

Johnstone, William – Sons of Thunder

Katsu, Alma – The Fervor

Kingfisher, T. – Nettle & Bone

London, Julia – Last Duke Standing (large print)

Macgillivray, Deborah – One Yultide Knight

Magee, Audrey – The Colony

Maguire, Gregory – The Brides of Maracoor

McBrayer, Lauren – Like a House on Fire

McCall Smith, Alexander – Love in the Time of Bertie

McMahon, Jennifer – The Children on the Hill

Michalski, Liz – Darling Girl

Miller, John – Death Draws Five

Oates, Joyce Carol – Night, Neon (large print)

Palmer, Daniel – My Wife is Missing

Parker, Robert – Robert B. Parker’s Revenge Tour

Patterson, James – 22 Seconds

Perry, Thomas – The Left-Handed Twin

Ramisetti, Kirthana – Dava Shastri’s Last Day

Roberts, Nora – Nightwork

Saint, Jennifer – Elektra

Shelton, Paige – Dark Night

Smith, Ali – Companion Piece

Straub, Emma – This Time Tomorrow

Thayer, Nancy – Summer Love

Thompson, Victoria – City of Shadows

Thompson, Victoria – Murder on Madison Square

Quick, Amanda – When She Dreams

Weir, Alison – The Last White Rose

Wells, Beverly – A Love So Strong

Wells, Beverly – All For Love

Wells, Beverly – The Deconess Hires a Gunman

Wilkes, Ally – All the White Spaces (large print)


152.40          Koenig, John – The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

158.1             Hill, Napolean – Think and Grow Rich

332.63          Greene, David – Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat

332.63          Loftis, Larry – Investing in Duplexes, Triplexes & Quads

332.63          Neal, H. – Streetwise Investing in Rental Housing

332.63          Scott, J. – The Book on Estimating Rehab Costs

332.63          Zuber, Michael – Financial Freedom

333.33          Greene, David – Sold

362.19          Bourla, Albert – Moonshot

508                 Rinella, Steven – Outdoor Kids in an Inside World

747                 Galvan, Liz – Cozy White Cottage Seasons

811.6             Gorman, Amanda – Call Us What We Carry

940.53          Ebert, Lily – Lily’s Promise



Quick, Amanda – When She Dreams

Smith, Nicholas – E-day III

April 2022


Baldacci, David – Dream Town

Barenbaum, Rachel – Atomic Anna

Carr, Robyn – A Family Affair

Colgan, Jenny – 500 Miles from You

Dugoni, Robert – The Silent Sisters (large print)

Egan, Jennifer – The Candy House

Fox, Candice – The Chase (large print)

Ginder, Grant – Let’s Not Do That Again

Graham, Heather – Crimson Summer

Griffin. Anne – Listening Still (large print)

Hoover, Colleen – Too Late

Hoover, Colleen – Maybe Someday

Hoover, Colleen – Without Merit

Hoover, Colleen – Finding Cinderella

Margolin, Phillip – The Darkest Place (large print)        

Martinez, Gama – God of Neverland

McCall Smith, Alexander – In a time of distance           

Novak, Brenda – Summer on the Island

Patterson, James – Death of the Black Widow

Rigetti, Susan – Cover Story

Robotham, Michael – When You Are Mine (large print)

Rollins, James – Kingdom of Bones

Score, Lucy – Things We Never Got Over

Shelton, Paige – The Burning Pages

Steel, Danielle – Beautiful

Ward, J.R. – The Jackal (large print)

Ward. J.R. – Lover arisen

Zgheib, Yara – No Land to Light on (large print)


323.73          Soboroff, Jacob – Separated


B Gadsby      Gadsby, Hannah – Ten Steps to Nanette


Browder, Bill – Freezing Order

Steel, Danielle – Beautiful

Stuart, Douglas – Young Mungo

Waal, F.B.M. – Different

March 2022


Armstrong, Kelley – The Deepest of Secrets

Bennett, Claire-Louise – Checkout 19

Bennett, S.J. – All the Queen’s Men

Blake, Olivia – The Atlas Six

Bowen, Rhys – Wild Irish Rose

Chase-Riboud, Barbara – The Great Mrs. Elias

Dailey, Janet – Calder Grit

Dugoni, Robert – The Silent Sisters

Feehan, Christine – Phantom Game

Finlay, Alex – The Night Shift

Fluke, Joanne – Caramel Pecan Roll Murder

Harkin, Jo – Tell Me an Ending

James, Marlon – Moon Witch, Spider King

Jance, Judith – Nothing to Lose

Johnstone, William – When the Shooting Starts

Laurens, Stephanie – The Meaning of Love

Laurens, Stephanie – Lady Osvaldestone and the Missing Christmas Carols

Laurens, Stephanie – Lady Osvaldestone’s Christmas Goose

Laurens, Stephanie – Lady Osvaldestone’s Christmas Intrigue

Laurens, Stephanie – Lady Osvaldestone’s Plum Puddings

Maas, Sarah – House of Sky and Breath

Morley, Isla – Come Sunday

Otsuka, Julie – The Swimmers

Redmond, Lisa – A Cold Day in Hell

Redmond, Lisa – A Means to an End

Redmond, Lisa – The Murder Book

Sanderson, Brandon – Dawnshard


263                 Gray, Patrick – I’ll Push You

306.2             Buttigieg, Pete – Trust

306.47          Von Tunzelmann, Alex – Fallen Idols

364.15          Jonusas, Susan – Hell’s Half Acre

378.16          Beaton, Jamie – Accepted!!

616                 O’Rourke, Meghan – The Invisible Kingdom

646.2             Bednar, Nancy – The Encyclopedia of Sewing Machine Techniques

746.04          Johnson, Jolie – Feltmaking and Wool Magic

746.46          Burns, Eleanor – Underground Railroad Sampler

746.6             Callahan, Gail – Hand Dyeing Yarn and Fleece

791.43          Polley, Sarah – Run Towards the Danger

792.70          Odenkirk, Bob – Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama



Fluke, Joanne – Caramel Pecan Roll Murder

McCall Smith, Alexander – Love in the Time of Bertie

Upright Citizens Brigade – 28 Stand-Ups

February 2022


Allende, Isabel – Violeta

Berenson, Laurien – Show Me the Bunny

Chan, Jessamine – The School for Good Mothers      

Chase-Riboud, Barbara – The Great Mrs. Elias

Cosimano, Elle – Finlay Donovan Knocks ‘em Dead

Dorsey, Tim – Mermaid Confidential

Durastanti, Claudia – Strangers I Know

Fellowes, Jessica – The Mitford Vanishing

Fletcher, Jessica – Killing in a Koi Pond

Gudenkauf, Heather – The Overnight Guest

Harris, Joanne – A Narrow Door

Harris, Kai – What the FIreflies Knew

Kellerman, Jonathan – City of the Dead

Macneal, Elizabeth – Circus of Wonders

Mann, Peter – The Torqued Man

Montgomery, Selena – Never Tell

Patterson, James – Steal

Percy, Benjamin – The Unfamiliar Garden

Robb, J.D. – Abandoned in Death

Sands, Lynsay – Highland Wolf

Sanchez, David – All Day is a Long Time

Starling, Caitlin – The Death of Jane Lawrence

Tokarczuk, Olga – The Books of Jacob

Yanagihara, Hanya – To Paradise


940.53          Sullivan, Rosemary – The Betrayal of Anne Frank



Fishbach, Ayelet – Get it Done

Krentz, Jayne – Lightning in a Mirror

Steel, Danielle – Invisible

January 2022


Atkins, Ace – Robert B Parker’s Bye Bye Baby

Baart, Nichole – Everything We Didn’t Say (large print)

Brennan, Allison – The Sorority Murder

Cantor, Jillian – Beautiful Little Fools

Carson, Jeff – High Road

Coes, Ben – The Island (large print)

Cornwell, Bernard – Sharpe’s Assassin

Giovinazzo, Diana – Antoinette’s Sister

Gray, Claudia – The Fallen Star

Hawley, Noah – Anthem

Hooper, Kay – Curse of Salem

Jurcyzk, Eva – The Department of Rare Books and Special collections

Kim, Juhea – Beasts of a Little Land

Koontz, Dean – Quicksilver

Lackey, Mercedes – Reboots

Maher, Kerri – The Paris Bookseller

Meier, Leslie – Easter Bonnet Murder       

Natsukawa, Sosuke – The Cat Who Saved Books

Patel, Neel – Tell Me How to Be

Patterson, James – The Horsewoman

Perry, Sylvie – The Hawthorne School

Rivers, A.J. – The Girl and the Midnight Murder

Rivers, A.J. – Ava James and the Ivy Grove

Rollins, James – The Starless Crown

Steel, Danielle – Invisible

Talley, Liz – Adulting (large print)

Taylor, Brad – End of Days

Taylor, Mary – The Words We Whisper (large print)

VanLiere, Donna – The Christmas Star

Wingate, Marty – The Librarian Always Rings Twice

Zamyatin, Yevgeny – We


0006.3          Kissinger, Henry – The Age of A.I.

158.1             Rodsky, Eve – Find Your Unicorn Space

616.85          Berzin, Robin – State Change

738.1             Weber, Julia – The Beginner’s Guide to Wheel

940.1             Gabriele, Matthew – The Bright Ages


Corey, James – Leviathan Falls

Donlea, Charlie – Twenty Years Later

Feehan, Christine – Annihilation Road

Jordan, Robert – The Dragon Reborn

Smith, Nicholas – E-Day II